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Membership notice

Please note that we are not taking any applications for membership at the current time.
We will review this in early spring 2023.

On your first visit to the club you will be taught the basics of safe gun handling, range safety, range etiquette, sighting, etc. You must also sign a declaration that you agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the club and that you know of no reason why you would have an application for a firearms certificate refused by the police and also provide full details of any criminal record.

You will then be able to shoot as a probationary member.


During your probationary period, the club will supply all the equipment required, the only cost would be your “green fee” of £5 per shooting session (£2.50 for juniors) and the cost of any ammunition or pellets you used.

Please note that ammunition is supplied in boxes of 50 and until you hold a Firearms Certificate, any remaining unused ammunition would be stored for you until your next visit.

To become a member of the club, you must serve a probationary period comprising of 20 visits plus 6 months, during which you must attend the club regularly.

After completing your probationary period you will still be able to use club equipment until such time as you bought your own.

To comply with the law you must be a full member of a Home Office Approved club, such as Watford and District Rifle Club before you can apply for a Firearms Certificate.


We consider Juniors to be under 18 years old. We do not have a lower age limit, however in our experience we have found that any younger than 12 years old and it can be difficult for them to be able to hold and use the gun safely. This is obviously dependent on the child’s height and physique.

Please also note that we do expect an adult to accompany all juniors into the range, be present with them and responsible for them and their actions in the range (when shooting and setting up) and within the club and it’s grounds.



Green fees (every time you shoot) are £5 per session for adults or £2.50 per session for juniors. Juniors are 18 years and under.

When you become a full member the annual membership fees are:
£30 (senior) or £10 (junior).

If you wish to shoot in competitions, you will need to pay to become a member of the NSRA.

Never Tried Shooting Before?

Many beginners or novices are put of the idea of target shooting because they believe that it is expensive, and that they would have to buy lots of equipment just to try it out. It can actually be one of the cheapest sports to participate in.

If you are interested in “giving it a try”, please contact us and we will arrange a suitable evening for you to come down.

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